Team SupportX comes from a rich of history of IT management executive in the public and private sectors.  We bring to you the force behind Oracle Corporation, Salesforce.com and and executives in Finance and Healthcare from Bank of America and Kaiser Permanente. We help you, the CIO and IT leader with actionable insight and with your vision consultancy services we create a well planned path where you empower you executives and team to put them in the best position to successfully execute their business objectives.
People empowerment through planned managed education and professional services in perfect alignment with your projects and the technologies that make those projects flawless. Understanding where your team is at today and taking business measures to and put the right skills in the minds of those most important to getting you there. Education lifecycle management makes certain your team has the most recent knowledgeable, skills and ability to perform at top levels with the many technologies they deploy. Getting the value of of your technology investments starts with a baseline and with SupportX we will help your people improve, grow and succeed which makes your life and job as a leader a great place to be.
Lawrence Bosquez
Lawrence gained tenure with IBM, Compuware Oracle Corporation. He served as a Senior Sales Manager for Oracle University for the Western U.S. 3 years later he was tapped by a $300M company based out of Seattle, WA by the name of F5 Networks. When he meet the team he was asked why would he want to move from a multi-billion dollar business with 80,000 employees to a $300M. " Because I know what you need and I can get you there". After meeting the executive team with one-ones he was handed a cell phone and a laptop a handshake and these words, "Go do it". He started the professional services sales organization from scratch. Working with every touchpoint including education, field sales, inside sales, marketing, channels in domestic and international markets he had the honor of being employee 1466 and the experience of participating in it's it growth to over $2Billion. 
Kevin Eggleston
Kevin in our tried and true bedrock when it comes to our Senior Executive Team with experience that matters. Mr. Eggleston prior to coming onboard with SupportX last served at the Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Bank of America. His 35 years in finance and banking provides insight and experience that very few have the opportunity to experience. He had key decision making responsibility with every merger, acquisition and managing high performing teams. 
Michael Amico
Michael  grew out the remote sales force out of the Philippines which was new at the time. Rapid growth, good talent and lower COGs served the business well. He was tapped by a small unknown company that sounded risky but exciting. Who ever heard of an software company waiving the banner of "NO SOFTWARE"? That little company was also from an Oracle Corporation growth effort and based out of San Francisco, CA. Mr. Marc Benioff a close ally of Lawrence Ellison started a company was called Salesforce.com. Michael started the Worldwide sales education organization from scratch. Now , Salesforce is the fastest-growing top-five enterprise software company and the #1 provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software globally.
Todd Vatalaro
Todd moved from Oracle University to run the channels organization to expand the footprint and with that, his unrelenting drive for commitment and excellence was able to identify the best partners and create growth that business through his indirect sales program. 
Mark Cummings
Mark comes to SupportX and serves as an Executive Advisor working with our C-Level Relationships. He serves as an Executive Sponsor on select accounts and provided insight, experience and actions that help us best serve our colleagues. Prior to SupportX he came from the healthcare industry of over 25 years last serving as Senior Director of Information Technology for Kaiser Permanente. He was responsible for data centers globally. 
SupportX advisory, education and professional services are available for you to benefit from.  We can identify where you are in the lifecycle and present solutions before they become a problem. We help our customers in identifying risks, exam workflows and drive more automated solutions forward to improve the quality and reliability of IT systems deployed with the Data Center (On-Premises) and in the Cloud (Hosted).  We walk step by step with you to understand the details of your initiatives to provide a glove in hand fit solution.

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